Park Associati's self production at the Triennale Design Museum

Wishing somebody happy New Year can also be a project, and it can even be produced. Some of the great architects and designers have never stopped doing this, and other authors in recent times have begun this pleasing tradition and different ways, which satisfies those who send it and anazes those who receive it. From the giant Ettore Sottsass, who sent greetings to friends in the form of engravings, to Giancarlo Iliprandi, who has, for some years , prepared small booklets containing tales of his travels through drawings. From the small objects of Piero Polato to the younger Maurizio Navone with his cardboard boxes, until Park Associati Studio, which produces detailed editorial projects involving the young collaborators, bringing them into immersive group 'games'

Cit. from the catalogue text by Beppe Finessi.
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