Listening, intuition and experimentation are the trademarks of the design culture of Park Associati – an architectural practice founded in Milan in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi.
The objective of Park Associati’s work is to give an architectural shape to a vision, by interpreting and synthesising the variables specific to each project and the forces at stake.

While LISTENING to the concrete and explicit elements dictated by regulations and economic, climatic or environmental conditions, attention is also paid to the intangible and more concealed dimensions: the clients’ identity values, the users’ wishes and requirements, the urban, social, political and economic context.
By using INTUITION – meant as the ability to decipher complexity – and through a process of research and dialogue, the practice has been able to interpret the peculiarities of each environment and provide architectural responses to the appropriate questions.
EXPERIMENTATION with languages and technologies, as well as collaboration with other disciplines have led Park Associati to tackle the most diverse projects with a broad spectrum of interventions, ranging from urban planning to design.