1420 pieces of lego to build park tower. This is the story of a fantasy building , a challenge, a play of imagination.
The project has been thought as a video game designed for the creation of imaginary worlds, with the same mode of building a Lego.

1420 Park Tower is a building with vertical development, with its 300 meters of height and 1420 pieces (all those available, without exclusions) represents the top of the Milanese buildings, a new spire that embodies the desire of the city to reach ever increasing heights, a symbol to make people dream in the direction of sustainable development.

The project ┬áhas been part of the exhibition entitled ‘Grattanuvole. 100 years of skyscrapers in Milan ‘, organized by the Milan Polytechnic and hosted at the Catella Foundation in 2014.

Technical dates of the project: Scale 1: 200 – Height 300 meters – Base 38X38 meters

1420 park tower story

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