3F HD is a code name. In Astronomy HD is an acronym that, followed by a number, gives the name to a celestial body. A link between research, experimentation and experience.


Pendant Lamp

3F Filippi

Project: 2017
Realization: 2018

Professional service

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Andrea Borgogni

Stefano Anzini

3f HD has been created starting from the desire to innovate the lighting of office spaces with a minimal, contemporary, highly technical linear system.

A real need, given the increasing demand for solutions aimed at energy saving, visual comfort and current LEED and WELL certifications. Knowing the consolidated expertise of 3f Filippi in the field of high efficiency technical lighting, Park Associati has gathered the challenge of designing a lighting system ideal for contemporary working spaces, in terms of performance and flexibility offered to the interior designer.

Based on linearity and balance, the 3F HD’s design features a metal structure with extruded LED modules that combines great versatility and high technical efficiency. The lamps can be installed either individually or in a continuous line, although individual elements can also be assembled to form suspended lighting shapes.

The purpose of the design is to make the 3F HD system as flexible as possible, thanks to the concealed joint, the different mounting systems – recessed/ceiling/suspension – and the H-shaped profile that translates into direct or direct/indirect light output and gives a 360-degree view of the lamp.

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