The main aim of this project is to bring together a range of miscellaneous functions belonging to a hotel management and catering school, partly making use of the only existing construction located on the north-west edge of the building lot. The existing building will be restructured, optimising the interior layout to accommodate all the classrooms, IT Labs and mock-up areas.


Benguela, Angola

Fundo soberano de Angola

Project: 2014
Realization: 2018

20.000  sqm

Professional Service
Architectural project

Design team
Alessandro Rossi (Project Leader)
Antonio Cinquegrana, Andrea Dalpasso, Marinella Ferrari, Guido Gazzaniga, Umberto Gentile, Giacomo Geroldi, Irene Nocerino, Marco Panzeri, Leonardo Porciani, Marco Siciliano, Paolo Uboldi, Davide Viganò
Fabio Calciati (Rendering)

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Site Supervision
General Planning, Milan

Project Management
Saporiti Global, Switzerland

A three-storey structure acting as the entrance point and linchpin for the entire school will be built at the south-west end, vertically connecting all three levels and acting as a hinge between the old building and the entire new construction. This triple-height structure will be the most visible building from the motorway and railway line and will become a sort of ‘beacon’ for the entire complex, a distinctive visual landmark from the outside creating a privileged viewpoint across the ocean from inside the second floor, where the fine dining restaurant, dedicated kitchen and fine bar will all be located.

The whole of the new construction will be connected to the old building by means of this beacon that will accommodate the public spaces (bar, canteen, free area, studio-lounge and large ballroom) and all the work areas (kitchen, washing area, storage space, laundrette) on the ground floor.

The work areas will overlook a large square at the back for loading-unloading supplies and disposing of waste. The public areas are connected directly to the library and student bar on the first floor by means of two stairways. The first floor will also hold the locker rooms that are directly connected, on the same level, to the special classrooms for cooking/tasting courses and vertically connected to the large ground-floor kitchen by means of a dedicated stairway. Two panoramic lifts and a scenic stairway will lead from the beacon to the first level, providing access to the complex’s various buildings by means of a macrogallery system or overhead pathway ‘gluing’ together the entire campus. To make construction operations faster and simpler, all the buildings are designed around a frame-based structural system made of concrete protected by a double layer of perforated breeze blocks covered with clay-based plaster on the outside.

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