South of the metropolitan territory of Milan there is a border area between the city and the countryside, along the Naviglio canal and immersed in the South Agriculture Park. Here will come up the new AT1 city project. A functional mix that creates a new residential settlement with schools, services, commercial and a tertiary pole.


Rozzano (MI)

Infrafin S.r.l.

Project: 2017

1.141.476 sqm

Professional service
Urban concept
Urban faesibility study
Preliminary Masterplan project and Implemention Plan

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Elisa Taddei (Project Leader)
Federico Guarini, Andrea Manfredini, Cristina Tudela Molino

Project Management, Preparation and Management of VIA Procedure, Infrastructures and mobility of urban sector
Policreo, Parma

General Planning, Milan

Geological Surveys
Studio Tecnico Geom. Ugo Cerotti, Milan
TRT Trasporti e Territorio, Milan

Subjected to Environmental Impact Assessment (IVA)

The masterplan identifies the design focuses and the possible scenarios for the implementation of the site. The proposal is of a urban transformation, aiming for an integrated  framework of actions that can leed to more sustainability already in the meaning of future design choices:  “to build for living”. The project investigates the environmental and social dynamics and transport dynamics in the territorial and metropolitan context.

The masterplan project topics are the protection and enhancement of agricultural  and environmental resources; the sustainable mobility; sustainability and energy efficiency.

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