Dating back to the late ’70s, this single building sits alongside two central courtyards and consists of three floors above ground. Built following a project by Magistretti, this is still a rationally structured, well-proportioned building. The client’s intention is to start updating its employees’ working arrangements by implementing a project focusing strongly on the concepts of smart working and which is highly iconic for the corporate brand.


Pedrignano (PR)

Barilla G.e R. Fratelli

Competition: 2014

13.000 sqm

Professional design

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Marco Panzeri (Project Leader)
Paolo Uboldi, Marinella Ferrari, Marco Vitalini, Andrea Dalpasso, Davide Vigano, Giacomo Geroldi, Shamsy Kazaure, Fabio Calciati (Rendering)

Enser Engineering, Faenza (RA)

Plants Design
Energietech, Bolzano

Project Management
General Planning, Milan

The redevelopment is aimed at reorganizing indoor spaces in order to optimize work spaces and  efficiency, updating the common areas that service the whole building.  A study was set up to analyze the work model currently in place within the company and, at the same time, to improve and increase the efficiency of work areas according to competency clusters, as well as to emphasize the use of common areas by redistributing them within the different floors. By covering the central courtyards, access dynamics become more functional depending on times of use and types of user. Great attention was paid to reception, and corporate presentation areas by developing an taylored brand communication project within those areas.

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