The restoration of an early twentieth-century barn in Val Tidone led to this characteristic project which combines traditional and contemporary architecture. A typical farm house has been transformed into a holiday home without radically altering its original form. A simple architectural style has been chosen to successfully respond to the housing needs of a large family. The horizontal and vertical connection of the surfaces are enhanced by the glass covered passageway-cum-yard and the particular design of the staircase (the key element of the project) which together provide a sense of continuity for the circulation between the interior spaces. The reuse of local materials together with innovative technical features – from the insulation and natural ventilation systems to the intricate heating system of stoves and chimneys – enable the project to resolve clearly and effectively the requirements for all-season living. The winter woodshed is the only new construction on the site which is entirely clad in wood, apart from the front facing the house which is in Cor-Ten steel.



Cantone, Pianello Val Tidone (PC)


Project: 2003
Realization: 2005

620 mq

Professional service
Architectural project
Site supervision

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Beatrice Borasi, Denise Houx

Andrea Martiradonna
Pietro Pisoni