Cava Ronchi is part of the sites identified by the Lombardy Region as an area of ​​interest and transformation for territorial marketing. This place on the border between the municipal areas of Baranzate and Milan is waiting for transformation and rebirth. The proximity to the expo area is one of the possible elements of interest and connection.


Via Monte Bisbino, Milan

Ronchi Family Heirs

Project: 2017
Realization: on going

92.248 sqm

Professional service
Feasibility study
Urban concept
Preliminary urban planning
Programmatic agreement

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Elisa Taddei (Project Leader)
Cristina Tudela Molino, Antonio Cinquegrana, Erica Fassi, Antonio Cavallo (Rendering), Stefano Venegoni (Rendering)

Infrastructures, Viability
Alpina SpA, Milan

Legal Consultancy
Studio Cerami, Milan

Environmental drainage
Studio Geotecnico Italiano

Subjected to Strategic Environmental Assesment

The project starts from a partial recovery intervention that allows its transformation into a building area. Expected functions: services, commerce, residence, receptive public spaces for the community and building for the municipality (maybe library). The masterplan proposal foresees the realization of a new system of access to the area and the reconstruction and connection of the context: hospital, expo, railway stations of Rho and Baranzate. 

The two-stage project is a program agreement that will lead to the variant of the PGT (Territorial Governance Plan) in Milan and Baranzate and the proposal of an integrated over-municipal intervention program.  A project brought forward in collaboration with municipal administrations and agencies to better understand and plan this site, strategically located along the motorway to Varese, with great potential to solve the yet pending problematics.

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