The German projects of Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart led to the European development of the company’s corporate identity, adapting the language and compositional themes which characterize the Milanese example to the German commercial and functional situation. Therefore, the decision was to adopt a series of symbiotic relationships (bank-city, interior-exterior, activity-communication) as the methodological and design instruments for each new office.


Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart

Credit Suisse (Germany) A.G.

Project: 2001
Realization: 2001

Various Size

Professional service
Site supervision

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Claudio Brandao, Fabio Calciati, Carlotta Eco, Young Gon Kim, Sandra Muller, Davide Pojaga

Light Design
Metis Lighting, Milan

Ing. Büro Rudolf Hingerl, Munich
Ing. Büro Gruber, Berlin
Mann & Bernhardt Kg, Frankfurt

Mechanical and Electrical
W-tec gmbh, Karden Ihe, Berlin
Petterson+Ahrens gmbh, Ober-Morlen

Local Architect
HPP, Frankfurt

Multimedial Coordination
GR Video, Turin
3 Media GMBH Lighthouse, London

General Contractor
August Heine Baugesellschaft, Dresden
Stadler Projekt GmbH & Co. KG, Offenbach

Andrea Martiradonna

In all the German centers, like the Milan office, multimedia technology is a key part of the architectural project. This is not just an opportunity to increase the visibility of the bank but above all a way to establish a new form of exchange with the city. The visual imagery is no longer limited to banking and technical information but addressed to everybody through video-art projections.

The materials used also provide recognizable analogies between the various centers: light stone is used for the flooring and the walls of the public area, the individual workstations and the media screens. Thin light slits are situated between the walls and staircases, while more intimate spaces have been created for the meeting rooms and offices.

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