In Piazza Cordusio, one of the most important junctions of Milan’s monumental centre located between Piazza Duomo and the main road leading to Castello Sforzesco, Park Associati is engaged in the refurbishment of the former Palazzo Sorgente.
The restyling results in the re-functionalisation of the entire building that houses offices on the upper floors; on the ground floor, first floor and basement the first Uniqlo megastore in Italy is due to open on September, 2019. The floors from the second to the sixth become office areas, with emphasis put on the large glass surfaces and the flexible divisible spaces that allow for multi-tenancy.


Via Cordusio 2, Milan

Hines Italia Re S.r.l – Fondo “BVK Highstreet Retail Cordusio”

Principal Tenant

Project: 2016-2017
Realization: 2017-2018

17.000 sqm

Energetic Certification
LEED Gold Certification

Professional Service
Architectural project
Site supervision
General co-ordination

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Marco Panzeri (Project Leader)
Elena Ghetti, Marco Vitalini, Alice Cuteri, Cristina Tudela Molino, Andrea Manfredini, Marinella Ferrari, Niccolò Frnachetto, Rossana Natale, Mario Frusca (Rendering), Stefano Venegoni (Rendering)

Structures, General Site Supervision
F&M Ingegneria, Milan

Entineering and Specialistic Site Supervision
Tekser, Milan

Fire Consultancy
Ing. Silvestre Mistretta – Mistretta & Co., Milan

General Contractor
Carron, San Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV)

Health and Safety
Arch. Silvia Lazzari – REAAS, Milan

Façades Mapping and Refurbishment
Arch. Guido Roche – Architecno, Alzano Lombardo

LEED Consultant
Rina service

Federica Cocco
Mario Frusca
Marco Ghezzi

Video (The power of rigeneration)
Ki Comunicazione, Milan

Following a philological restoration, the building’s façade has been cleaned and painted in two warm tones of grey that make it more contemporary while emphasizing its original style.

The creation of the two elements that characterise the project – an added storey and the covering of the inner courtyard – have been possible by moving and expanding surfaces and volumes, in exchange for an energetic upgrading of the building.

The roof on the sixth floor previously housed a platform that was mainly occupied by equipment, has been destined for new offices. The opaque glass cover imparts lightness, an almost ethereal feeling, to the added storey, its surface reflecting changes of light throughout the day.

The sections on the glass surface – plates of steel and fibre cement – recall those on the façade, thus making the added storey perfectly integrated with the building without giving the impression of wanting to imitate its features.

The creation of the inner courtyard’s glass roof has helped redesign the Uniqlo spaces on the lower floors completely.

The roof has in fact created complete continuity between the large retail areas, as well as providing a covered passageway of direct communication between the square and the neighbourhood behind it – from Piazza Affari to the Bank of Italy building -, where the large financial centres are located.  The three floors making up the Uniqlo store will be given visual continuity through a staircase connecting them and an internal bridge located on the first floor.

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