The Credit Suisse Financial Info Center is located in an early twentieth-century building in the historic center of Milan. This is an innovative space both at a functional and compositional level. The relationship with urban space and the idea of visibility and rapport with the public represented the central project themes stipulated by the commission. A key priority of the center was to enhance the relationship between the internal space and the external urban built environment.


Via Mercanti 10, Milan

Credit Suisse (Italia)

Project: 1999
Realization: 2000

1.350 sqm

Professional service
Site supervision

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Davide Pojaga (Project Leader)
Paolo Bassetto, Fabio Calciati

Light Design
Metis Lighting, Milan

Ing. Giorgio Piliego e Ing. Luca Varesi, Milan

Mechanical and Electrical
NCA Engineering, Milan

Multimedial Coordination
Orchestra, Milan
C.M.S. Innovative Consultants, New York

General Contractor
Coima S.r.l., Ciserano/Zingonia (BG)

Andrea Martiradonna

The key themes of the building’s renovation are transparency and the continuity of the design elements and materials. The project involves the planned demolition of the ground and first floors and the installation of a rear-lit giant screen for stock-exchange information and the projection of video art, while the workstations for financial operations and the information desk are arranged in the space below. All this has been designed to the highest technological standards. The spaces on the upper floors have been reorganized for offices and are all distinguished by a high standard of elegance and comfort.

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