“The walls of two mountains face each other, divided as they are by a rift. The strong wind finds its way around them, carrying the snow. The exertion that revives those who live in the mountains reveals itself from afar. At the foot of the structure, up close, there is a charged void that connects the viewer to the beauty of the landscape.”

The project for the competition for the new Dynafit headquarters in Kiefersfelden, Germany, originates from this image. Dynafit is one of the brands of the Salewa Group — a manufacturer of accessories and clothing for alpine sports. Reinterpreting and proposing anew the concept of the ‘Mountain Mindset’ is, in fact, the specific objective of the competition.
The new building, which will be built in the valley of the Inn River, straddling the German-Austrian border, will be a place of meetings and socialising, and will house a large emporium and climbing centre.

The new building, to be built in the valley of the Inn River, straddling the German-Austrian borderis meant to be a place of meetings and socialising, and will house a large emporium and climbing centre.  The project has to be a landscape within the landscapeits construction has to deal with the nature of the site — evoking the rocks, the wind and the cloudsMore than anything, it it has to reflect the concept of a ‘charged void’. 


Kiefersfelden, Germany


Competition: 2018

13.000 sqm

Professional Service

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Alessandro Rossi (Project Leader)
Marinella Ferrari, Francesco Garofoli, Enrico Sterle, Marco Vitalini, Mario Frusca (render), Stefano Venegoni (render)

The proposed building consists of two blocks facing each other, separated by a rift, similar to two rock faces, two ridges that are both mighty and transparent at the same time.

As well as expressing their strength in contrast with the empty space of the foyer, the two walls also wrap themselves up and fold towards the inside of the building, breaking the system of vertical connection and flow by generating two staircases and four elevators that are enclosed in two neat and well-defined structural cores. These two cores graft, in turn, onto a horizontal system, thus defining the structural slabs that provide function and surface to the whole life of the building.

Sezione trasversale

Designed around the building, the landscape shifts and changes, protecting the parts that are most exposed to the road with diverse vegetation comprising a small wood, patches of trees and the pond.


Thanks to its 24-metre headroom, the lobby is the ground-floor junction that gives direct access to the History brand and the Dynafit store to the east, and to the west leads to the system of workshops and to a gym that — thanks to its double height — partly develops also on the first floor.

A large door can be lifted on sunny days so as to connect the ground floor to the gym’s double height and the north-facing garden where, outside the hall’s glass door, an expanse of water fills and enlivens all the natural open space between landscape and building.

From the second floor upwards, the east and west portions of the lobby’s charged void are connected through glazed areas that enable the entire floor surface to be used, always crossing the void and in harmony with the vertical mindset of mountain landscape inhabitants.
The complex system of the Dynafit Headquarters comprises a showroom on the second floor, offices on the third and fourth floors and part of the fifth floor, a nursery on the rest of the fifth floor and meeting rooms on the sixth and last floor, which connects to a large terrace facing north towards the peaks.

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