U1 Building

Park Associati creates a new office building in Assago. The building is part of the Milanofiori North Masterplan, which comprises two new buildings in the North-West area: the so-called ‘cliff’, a group of buildings surrounding the urban development. The neighborhood takes on the unequivocal and easily recognizable role of landmarks between the city and the hinterland. As part of the Masterplan, the buildings facing the Milan – Genoa motorway play a specific protective role towards the inner part housing the residential, the square, the bars, the multiplex cinema, the fitness center, the hotel and the most naturalistic aspects of the area.


Via del Mulino, 20090 Assago (MI)

Milanofiori Sviluppo


Project: 2018-2019
Realization: ongoing

31.000 sqm

Energetic Certification
LEED Gold – Core & Shell
WELL – estimated

Professional Service
Preliminary Project
Definitive architectural Project
Executive Project Supervision
Artistic site supervision

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Marco Siciliano (project leader)
Matteo Arietti, Davide Cazzaniga, Corrado Collura
Render: Mario Frusca, Stefano Venegoni


Executive Construction Project, Structures and Plants, Site Supervision
General Planning Milano

Structures and Plants Design
General Planning Milano

Security Coordination
General Planning, Milano

Leed and Well Certification
General Planning, Milano

General Contractor
Majocchi and Percassi

Focchi S.p.A. Poggio Torriana (RN)

The building will become one of the main offices of Accenture. With its 15 floors above ground and 35,000 square meters of floor space, U1 is one of the most notable achievements in the area. Aligning its volumetric requirements with the provisions of the masterplan, the building’s shape enriches the many existing architectural styles.

Construction site 2020
The U1 building regenerates the building’s architectural composition. The two façades of the complex develop from it. The body facing the motorway is the largest and tallest. Its uniform glass surface is ‘broken’ by the dense rhythm of vertical elements and horizontal stringcourses, thus creating a sun-protecting noise-barrier. Facing north towards the wood, the shorter façade of the building is entirely glazed and transparent. Its aspect makes it more permeable, intensifying its relationship with the surrounding environment. The perception of natural space is as direct as possible.

Visitors coming from the underground station come across the U1 building along the path leading from the commercial square to the wood and the buildings closest to it. From this raised level, the entrance hall can be reached through a double-height porticoed passageway, characterized by an evanescent texture with a reflective satin finish.

The first two floors of the building, below the raised base, house the parking lots. The building’s ground floor houses the hall – a crossroads that gathers all the flows conveying them inside the complex and most communal functions: training area, foyer, cafeteria and company canteen on two levels. Located on the upper floors, the offices will house up to 3,800 people and will have different sizes and destinations. On the top floor, people can relax in the sky-bar with a view of the surrounding landscape. The procedure for obtaining the LEED certification, GOLD class, Core and Shell and the WELL certification is underway.

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