Q: We would like to know if the competition is open only to single designers or to the teams as well.
A: The competition is open to singles designers and to teams. The age of every member of the team has to comply with the requests  of the call. Expense reimbursement remain the same in case of team participation.

Q: How many entries/ projects I can make. Is the 6 pages of submission just for one product, or multiple?
A: It’s possible to enter one or more projects, according on what you make. If you propose products or furniture pieces you can propose more than one.

Q: Does it have to be an ongoing project, or can it be a finished project that I’ve done? 
A: It’s possible to propose a finished project or an ongoing project as well.

Q: How many projects can be included in the portfolio?
A: The number of the projects included in the portfolio is up the candidate respecting the number of pages available (6). In general the portfolio is a tool that allows the jury to evaluate the candidate’s work. The project submitted for the contest can be one of that included in the portfolio or another one.

Q: Which kind of projects can be submitted: prototypes still to be started, rendering of projects still virtual, completed projects?
A: It’s possible to propose a finished project or an ongoing project as well.

Q: Have  the submitted project/projects to be identified by a registered trademark?
A: NO.

Q: Is it possible to submit projects/prototypes of both, furniture and furnishing accessoires?

Q:What is the dimension of selected design area? Can you please write us width, length and maximum height please?
A: The dimensions of the design area are contained in the kit, downloadable from our website at

Q: Do CVs have a page limit?
A: There is no limit, please send a CV with the essential data that help to understand the candidate’s background, studies, activities, without exaggerating in length.

Q: Is it important to include technical details in the project description or is it sufficient to show the final images?
A: It is important to send a presentation that makes understand the quality of the project, but it is not necessary to go into technical details unless the candidate considers them part of the project and essential to its understanding.

Q: Are there any elements of the space that must be kept unchanged? (For example natural light)
A: No, but it is not possible to perform irreversible interventions or that need work at the end of the set-up.

Q: Is the budget for the set up charged to the candidate? If not, what is the budget to refer to?
A: For our part, a budget of € 2,000 is made available, the candidate will choose how to use it. It includes includes set-up costs.

Q: I have a question about the exhibition space if it will be dedicated to one person or multiple people would join the same space so the curation of the space will be divided to smaller areas. As it would change in the design of the space.
A: The winner project will be only one, author can be a single designer or a group, but working at the same project.

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