New urban geometries

The city of the future will be huge and hyper populated. The coming decades will see an unprecedented expansion of megalopolises: if today 1/2 of the world population lives in urbanized areas, by 2050 2/3 of people will cluster in cities. Designing new cities will entail tackling innovative technologies and paying more attention to environmental issues, the sustainability of resources and the quality of human life at all its stages. Natural energies and new technologies will reduce pollution in these endless urban agglomerates, making them more and more liveable. We will use fully automated public and private transport and we will be constantly connected. We will perhaps have more spare time and live a longer and healthier life.
Urban territories are being transformed in Europe, the home of the historical evolution of cities. In Milan, as in London, Berlin or Moscow, more and more interventions are being carried out on existing buildings, although there is no shortage of new urban developments based on the most innovative architectural, technological, social and economic concepts.

Cava Ronchi: Reconnecting the Territory

Cava Ronchi is one of the areas of ​​interest and transformation identified as crucial by the Lombardy Land administration for territorial marketing. On the border between the municipalities of Baranzate and Milan, this place is ready to experience a total rebirth. Park Associati’s masterplan recovers an abandoned location and transforms it into a new large neighborhood that will host services, commerce, residence, receptive public spaces for the community, a library. The proximity to the former Expo area is one of the elements of interest and connection. The masterplan proposal foresees the realization of a new reconnected mobility system. The project has been developed in collaboration with the public administrations and agencies to better understand and plan the area’s developments in a new perspective of smart living, working, studying and being connected.

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Sberbank Smart City of Diversity

Park Associati, as part of the MADMA/MASA/Apex/Novaya/MIC/Mochalov Consortium, along with Max Dudler and Cobe Architects, took part to the international closed competition for the masterplan of the Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye territory , in the west of Moscow. The urban planning’s vision is aimed at creating a coherent architectural development while keeping the diversity a city needs to become inviting and entertaining to its citizens.Park Associati’s project for a multi-functional building of 80.000 sqm implements smartness values to favour the linkage between the building and the urban context. The building houses offices, retail, smart working areas, and auditorium with a flexible interior layout. On the rooftop, green terraces are created as extensions of the wide sculptural winter garden.

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Urban Development to Protect Nature in Wilhelmshaven

The competition for the Trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage Partnership Centre (TWWP), the authority protecting the Wadden Sea marine area under the supervision of Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, has involved a stretch of the city of Wilhelmshaven near the coast.
Park Associati’s proposal, in collaboration with landscape architecture practice Bauchplan stems from two main concepts: the relationship between open space and new construction, and between new construction and the existing bunker on the project area. The project minimizes ground usage in favor of parkland, it avoids the visual barriers between urban fabric and open spaces and it fosters a meeting place for the past and the future of the city, currently undergoing a major urban development. Besides being the administrative headquarters of TWWA, the new building is designed to be open to the local community, with conference rooms and a suggestive belvedere.

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