The I Hotel & Resort is an innovative idea for the creation of chain of small and medium-sized hotels based exclusively on Italian culture, tradition and design. The project is distinguished by a highly recognizable style and a top quality brand. The I Hotel does not just aim to be a hotel or a large boutique but intends to be the point of encounter between the creativity of contemporary design, the traditionally recognized quality of the Italian hotel industry and the glamour of the fashion world. The general concept of the I Hotels materialized with the I Hotel & Resort in the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Saporiti Italia

Project: 2007

40.000 sqm

Professional Service

Design team:
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Patrick Kenzler, Ulrike Morandell, Marco Neri, Fabio Calciati (Renderings)

Gabriele Masera

OneOff, Milano

The I Dubai, with its green coloured acidated panels, has thirteen floors suspended over a forest of steel columns and glass lifts. The interiors are conceived and developed to offer guests a state-of-the-art experience with extremely user-friendly technology. Each private and public area has a generous amount of space and offers guests maximum comfort and privacy.

The I Dubai is unique but in a certain way its characteristics are repeatable. Suspended as if on stilts over a steel and concrete structure, the glass volume appears to float over a cloud of vapour and mist.

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