The project for the expansion of Luxottica’s Headquarters in Milan reflects the identity of this company, a world leader in the eyewear market. This building’s main features aim in fact at conveying transparency, technological innovation, people’s well-being and consideration for its location.

This is a new ‘secret’ building, a crystal set among the existing structures that define its courtyard and garden. Protected as it is by the façades of these pre-existing structures, the building cannot be seen from Piazza Cadorna and is arranged over an area comprised between two gardens, Palazzo Litta’s large, intimate and secluded garden on the inside and a second one overlooking the square. Its concealed presence, its ability to interact with historical buildings, contemporary structures and green areas, and the way it resonates with the lives of those who visit it are the characteristics that make it an iconic building.


Via San Nicolao, Milano

Luxottica Group

Competition: 2017
Realization: on going

4.500 sqm

Energetic Certifications
LEED Gold – Core & Shell

Professional Service
Architectural project
Site Supervision
General Co-ordination

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Lorenzo Merloni (Project Leader)
Alessandro Bentivegna, Luca Borlenghi, Alexia Caccavella, Corrado Collura, Alice Cuteri, Valeria Donini, Marinella Ferrari, Cristina Tudela Molino, Marco Vitalini, Fabio Calciati (Rendering), Mario Frusca (Rendering)

Engineering – Structures
MSC Associati, Milan

Engineering – MEP
Deerns, Milan

Fire Prevention
Studio Mistretta & CO., Milan

LEED Certification
Deerns, Milan

Mario Frusca

The volume on the plan escapes due to the curvature imprinted on its outer skin, ideally encompassing in its design the two domains that it confronts.

The double skin created in this way, looks for a light balance between reflection and transparency, technology and formal simplicity, maximized by the “lense” effect of the bending of the skin itself.
At the same time, it minimizes occluding aspects of the view from the inside out, allowing  to take full advantage of the privileged position towards the garden.

sezione trasversale
Construction Site: January 2018
Conctruction Site: December 2018

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