MAY 2019 | Park Plus – A Lab for Experimentation and Research

Park Plus thinks big, seeks unexplored paths and enjoys doing architecture.

Park Plus is a task force created to cultivate new ideas and visions. An analytical and stimulating tool that renews the methods, technologies and materials in the daily architecture practice of Park Associati.
Park Plus is a laboratory where technology and dexterity create alchemies and accelerate the architectural innovation. A dynamic platform where diversity and fun meet, fuelled by the contributions and experiences of the entire team.

#parkplus #innovation #research

Park Plus dialogues with the studio’s workflow and stimulates its activities. The researchers join temporally the design teams to add value and know-how to the projects. Then, Park Plus gets back to pure exploration. Alternating moments of investigation and direct application in a game of approach and distancing, Park Plus brings quality to the overall design process.

#ideas #experimentation #dynamism #fun #vision

We imagine Park Plus as a collector of opinions, experiences and perspectives. It’s a department composed by three researchers that collaborate closely with the rest of Park Associati’s architects, designers, visualizers. It investigates new materials, it studies new forms, it updates on the most innovative architectural solutions and makes the experimentation its key strenght.

#thinkingplus #makingplus

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