One year of Park Plus

Set up in March 2019, Park Plus is the independent research team created by Park Associati to implement curiosity and innovation that have been part of the studio’s DNA since its foundation.
Park Plus has been nurturing the creative processes within the practice, supporting the operational teams in the analysis and development of unexplored design solutions. In addition to theoretical and applied research related to design forms and construction technologies, Park Plus develops new techniques and materials for use with prototypes.
A think tank comprising 3 dedicated researchers coordinated by 3 senior architects creates, systematizes, and returns knowledge to achieve the highest quality and innovation in each of Park Associati’s project.


Park Plus: wooden construction

Prompted by Park Associati’s participation in the Italian Architects Declare platform, aimed at increasing awareness on climate emergency also in the field of design, Park Plus has embarked in an extensive research on the use of wood in architecture projects.

#architectsdeclaire #research #climatechange

A collaboration with the German engineering firm Bollinger + Grohmann has led Park Plus to further investigate all aspects of timber, fine-tuning Park Associati’s knowledge on the construction of wooden buildings in urban areas.
The ongoing research on the potential of wood, a material that is both ancient and innovative, will be the object of one of the events organized by the studio for its 20th anniversary. #park20eventi

#innovation #wood #newarchitecture

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