Park Academy: a conversation series by Park Associati

During the lock down period, as Park Associati team, we held four online meetings addressing some issues pertaining to the architectural profession that are of crucial importance in a historic moment that marks a watershed between a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. We imagined a future where our profession can play an even more central role in a change that will affect all aspects of our lives.


1. Where will the evolution of our relationship with everyday life’s spaces lead to?

Starting from an analysis of Architecture as the shaper of human living spaces, we tried to picture its role in the post-emergency period. Our design process will be shaped by the change that will affect human interaction in the work and shared spaces, as well as the strategies that need to be implemented to manage a near future dominated by uncertainty.

2. How do you get to design an object that represents the historical moment of its conception?

While reflecting on the nature of a profession that often obeys to brutal investment logics, we try to exorcise one of our greatest fears: that of having lost the ability to imagine. The antidote involves having a vision, offering solutions geared towards fostering the quality of life in the community, not through individual projects but through a path aimed at restoring architecture’s leading role within collective dynamics.

3. Concept or no Concept?

Concept or no Concept? The eternal battle between dream and reality. Starting with an exercise in ultimate abstraction may solve a project, but it carries the risk of reducing the complexity and the avenues of research that enrich design to an epiphany, a slightly sycophantic distinguishing mark.

4. Park Vision. Project philosophy, vision, anecdotes and nodes in the history of the Park Associati practice. What about the future?

Park Associati’s path has been identifying with Milan’s transformations of the last two decades. The way we look at cities today is the result of a new awareness of the complex dynamics under way. As a first step, we will acknowledge the fragilities of both man and the environment, which, as shown by this pandemic, are inseparable. The blueprint for the future will be enriched with the opportunities that we will be able to seize and that will imply making bold choices.


*Image Credits
01.0_Book cover of the novel “Light Bearing” (Ben Woollard) by CircCorp.
02.0_Living the Northern Light by Snohetta
03.0_Portrait by Antoni Tudisco

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