Hermès Silk Mix, The Cube by Electrolux, Priceless Milano: three pop-up projects designed by ParkAssociati. While Silk Mix temporary store is currently exploring in Rome the link between music and fashion, the pavilions for itinerant restaurants Cube and Priceless were able in the past to dialogue with the panorama of European cities from the top of the roofs, and to create a new type of entertainment related to food.
Park Associati makes the multiscale architectural practice a value and a characterization. Here, design challenges and multifaceted issues related to materials, logistics, and timing are condensed into what become complex architectural projects. Pop-up projects are a source of continuous research for distinctive but not over-imposing solutions that confronts rather than collides with miscellaneous urban surroundings.


December 2017 | Shall we put a record on?

Hermès opens Silk Mix in via Condotti, Rome, a temporary installation inspired by a record store. A place that is about browsing, linstening and discovering. A place in which men’s silk scarves illustrate record sleeves, while ties adorn cassettes. A living place, the scene of unexpected encounters and surprises.
Park Associati designed the store interior evoking a recording room with walls covered with sound-absorbing pyramidal cladding. The choice of colours, materials and light, creates an elegant and fresh setting, with a strong geometric temperament that favours the products’ enjoyment.
Silk Mix will be open in Rome until 28 January 2018.



December 2015 | Last month for Priceless in Piazza della Scala, after Expo time

This living unit designed by Park Associati can be moved around and placed on top of existing buildings in striking locations. Priceless Milano is also designed to be a sort of travelling gastronomic theatre, where leading chefs from all over the world are invited to show off their skills on a rotational basis at special cooking shows. The pavilion has a sophisticated building programme that brings together architecture and interior design carefully created right down to the most minute detail. The aim was to create a distinctive but not over-imposing form that confronts rather than collides with miscellaneous urban surroundings. So Priceless Milano is a temporary structure serving as a restaurant fitted out with an extremely flexible space that carefully adapts to the locations in which it is installed.
Priceless is now ready to leave for new and yet undiscovered locations.



December 2011 | The Cube lands on the rooftops of Piazza Duomo in Milan

Milan is the second stop on the European tour of The Cube, a nomadic, stateless and cosmopolitan piece of architecture, a pavillion designed to host a small, temporary restaurant. The Cube debuted in Brussels on the arc of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in April 2011. From December it’s in Milan and houses some of the best Italian star chefs, offering special menus prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant. The structure is suitable for all climatic conditions, even the most extreme, while always providing the maximum in living comfort with its refined aesthetics and use of high-quality materials. The pavilion’s lightness is emphasized on the exterior by its white colour and given a sense of movement through the use of an aluminum “skin” that has been laser-cut to create a texture with a geometric design that covers the exterior surface.


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