Cities are the place where human coexistence is played out

Urban regeneration entails an holistic and integrated vision that aims to tackle issues of architectural composition, mobility and communication, but also to transform environments in accordance with sustainable development objectives, new economic-social cohabitation, and new quality of life parameters.  Indeed, we’ve been facing a new challenge in urbanization: unremarkable and isolated satellite towns and urban concentrations have been developing haphazardly, alongside the expansion of outer cities.
Public institutions, private individuals, and architects are called upon to visualize new urban planning solutions. With a view to creating widespread centres and to go beyond the idea of​​ suburbia, the new urban plans are focusing on the areas connecting the city to the outskirts. Supported by municipal and regional programmes and the implementation of local plans, these projects promote the revaluation and reclamation of abandoned areas, the rethink of marginal neighborhoods, the creation of new urbanizations. By trying to meet both collective needs and private interests, they create new access to services, enhance the specificity and dynamism of the communities on the edge of the urban fabric, support mobility and urbanity, and thus the ability to enjoy living fully in one’s place of residence.

At Park Associati, we are now working on:


The regional government of Lombardy identified Cava Ronchi as a site of interest and transformation for territorial marketing. Situated on the border between the municipalities of Milan and Baranzate, close to the former Expo2015 site, the area will be object of a partial restoration, aimed and encouraging the creation of new facilities, commerce and receptive public spaces for the community. Particularly, the urban plan provides a road flow for the creation of a city center in Baranzate, and consequently a new aggregation point for the municipality. Focus of the masterplan is the reconnection of the whole context: hospital, former Expo2015 area, railway stations of Baranzate and Rho.
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The implementation plan PA2 Natta involves the district of Lampugnano, in the western area of Milan. Thanks to the proximity of the metro station, a consolidated but unfinished urban environment, partially occupied by a depuration plant, can be reconnected and integrated by the new urban plan. The project focuses on the layout of new volumes, the completion of the existing greenery system, the dismantling of the depuration plant and the creation of a public accessible park.
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The implementation plan AT1 Città Nuova di Rozzano investigates environmental, social and mobility dynamics in the South metropolitan territory of Milan. Divided by the highway from the recent masterplan developments of Assago-Milanofiori, in-between urban net and countryside, the area could be interested by an integrated plan of intervention, aiming to a smart city development, with new residential settlements, schools, services and a tertiary pole. Topics of the project are the protection and enhancement of agricultural and environmental resources and a new mobility system, providing an integrated public transport plan.
#smartcity #masterplan #cittànuova #rozzano #assago

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