Catania Looks at the Sea!

The team led by Park Associati wins the International competition for the requalification masterplan of the Catania Waterfront

The requalification of the Waterfront in Catania has at its core the water as element and the renewed connection between the city and the sea. The Masterplan redesigns 4 km of the city’s Waterfront creating a new landmark, defining a new line between the sea and the historic centre of the city and transforming the sea front from a risk factor to a resource for the community.

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The winning team is composed by Consorzio Stabile di Ingegneria R1COPRAT Società CooperativaProject BaseSmart Land, Prof. Luca Ruggiero, Prof. Gianni Petino, Dott.ssa Teresa Graziano, Mobility in Chain, Ing. Mario Salvatore Cartruccio Castracani. The starting point of the work has been the origin and the fortunes of Catania, a city founded  “Under the volcano” and in proximity of the sea but separated from the shore by the construction of two infrastructures, the railway and the harbour, which create a dividing front between the sea and the city. Revealing the waterfront to the city means working on the margins and area around this break line. The requalification of the neighbouring spaces and their integration within this area also envisages the creation of communal spaces for walking, practising sport and having fun but also new spaces to work and live.

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Putting water at the core of the project means being well aware of the conditions that will affect the life of coastal communities in the medium-long term. The issues concerning the protection from sea-related natural disasters, such as the ever-increasing flooding affecting the city, have guided the project’s main premises. The project participates in the 2019 edition of the Biennale di Architettura di Pisa, opening on 21st November, which focuses on water and time as crucial elements in architectural projects.

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