In April 2018, Park Associati expanded their office space. More space available has meant creating new meeting rooms, a place where models can be showcased, a larger kitchen and, of course, more design stations for a practice that, in just over a year, has doubled its staff.
The new layout includes a room that we have thought of as a place for both welcoming people and experimentation. This eclectic space has allowed us to imagine our office opening up towards the outside, hosting exhibitions, events, forays into fields related to architecture. An opportunity for dialogue and exchanging ideas and thoughts on art, literature, design and science. Above all, an open door to all that is happening around us.
Milan has become, or rather is once again, a laboratory, a place where stimuli and energies converge from all sectors of society. In recent years, not only has the face of the city been transformed by architecture, but the ways of experiencing the urban territory have also rapidly changed, new activities have been set up and are growing: technological, scientific, artistic and academic centres are enriching the city’s fabric. The turmoil that is sweeping across Milan and is making it converse with the rest of the world has been inspiring us. Architecture is fuelled by a place’s life, it reflects it, it embodies new desires, it preserves its history but, like art, it is always driven to challenge conventions, to outdo the academies.
Park Hub was created with the aim of growing and innovating our business, injecting new life into it by coming across different experiences, and making them known to the city.

Insecure - Weixiao Shen & Zan Koban
Costruito ad arte - Andrea Martiradonna
Drawing with Trees - Marco Bay
Franco and Renata - Thomas Berra
Unità di produzione - From Outer Space
Resilienti - Mario Frusca