Park Plus aims to support the office teams during their ordinary work. It’s fed with curiosity and it stimulates innovation. It’s ambition is to create a playful environment where ideas and vision can grow freely. It is an analytical tool that tries to trigger new methods and processes by working with unconventional materials and technologies.
By pushing it’s reaserch about languages and technologies and by diving into a lot of different project areas, the practice has amplified its spectrum of action from urban design to design itself. Park has always come up with rigorous projects but without losing its aestetic and creative soul.




We are a team that boosts the flowof the project, which it’s already fast and complex. We approach the reality of our daily tasks with the times and means of the research itself. We try to progress and to experiment. We find solutions but we fail too, But more importantly, we support the teams by looking for solution to improve their work.
Park Plus is a catalyst of opinions, experiences and perspectives. It tries to find fertile soil which will give birth to fresh ideas. Park Plus is an integrated and open platform. It explores architecture from uncommon points of view.

Park Plus it’s a place of dymanic confrontation where diversity and “divertissement” meat each other. Two word coming from the same latin word “divergere” which means to “to point somewhere else”. Park Plus it’s a lung which breathes in new visions to communicated the results of Park Associati’s research approach.







We think digital but we our craft is handmade. Maquettes, prototypes and photographs are tools that help us express ourselves. Our approach in a “craftman” approach that enriches our projects.
We are focused on details and we strive to always get a perfect material selection. We try to follow the market by carefully selecting our suppliers. An updated and well organised material library is the the key to always propose keen projects.

Maquettes, materials and book is what we are fed with.

We imagined a group that investigates new materials, that experiments with new forms and that is always updated with the most innovative architectural solutions. Park Plus thinks big, explores new path and enjoys doing architecture.

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