Designed to accompany the life of customers and the neighbourhood from morning till night, Prima Café is not meant to be a showcase of the client’s main activity in the insurance field, rather a place encapsulating different functions, from actualcafé, to bistro, from restaurant to cocktail bar. But the requirement that needed to be fulfilled did not just relate to food consumption or entertainment. Increasingly, private life, social life and work converge on a single container; venues are thereforeconforming to this trend by becoming extensions of private homes and offices, with an added component of relational exchange.


Corso Garibaldi 73, Milano

Prima Assicurazioni

Project: 2019
Realization: 2019 – 2020

190sqm Selling area, 140sqm Back of house

Professional service
Interior Design
Construction Drawings
Site and Artistic supervision

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Davide Viganò (Project Leader)
Elena Ghetti, Federica Cocco, Irene Seracca Guerrieri, Alice Cuteri, Enrico Sterle, Stefano Venegoni (Rendering)

Fa.Ma. Ingegneria Srl, Milano

Structural Design
Fa.Ma. Ingegneria Srl, Milano

Mechanical and Electrical Design
Fa.Ma. Ingegneria Srl, Milano

Light Design
IN-VISIBLE lab, Sesto Calende (VA)

General Contractor
WAY Spa, Rho (MI)

Civil work contractor
Conti e Conti Srl, Lentate sul Seveso (MB)

Vetreria BusnelliSrl, Lissone (MB)

AV Arreda Srl, Trezzo sull’Adda (MI)

Soft Seating
Meridiani Srl, Misinto (MB)
Verpan, Horsens (The Netherlands)

Couches and Armchairs
Verpan, Horsens (The Netherlands)

Kitchen and Bar Equipment
Forcateringsrl, Milano

Resin Flooring
IPM Italian Srl, Sulbiate (MB)

IGuzzini, Recanati (MC)

Light Video Sound Srl, Rho (MI)

Andrea Martiradonna

Video Editing
Federica Cocco

Prima Cafè_Work in progress

The interior design of the approximately 200-square-metre premises creates an informal, flexible technological environment. Inspired by the art and flamboyance that characterise the great events of rock music, the environment’s colour and light change following the rhythm of day and evening hours.

A single large space illuminated by floor-to-ceiling windows facing the street and the square opposite the entrance, accommodates a bar and a restaurant. Conceived as three-dimensional spaces, all the walls feature a double finish pleated ribbon of kinetic art inspiration composed of juxtaposed triangular-section prismatic panels in recurring variations of shading ranging from purple to a precious burnished mirror effect.

The lighting project is also designed to create different atmospheres according to the hours of the day. A highly technological lighting system comprising 600 transparent reflective tubes lit by LED projectors creates a spectacular light wave on the premises’ entire ceiling.The intensity and colour of the light are programmed to change over time: clear and discreet during the day, warm and intense in the evening, they follow the principles of the circadian rhythm, the light reflecting the human biological clock to ensure maximum well-being.

The cool blue and purple shades interact perfectly with the raw iron tables and the bronze finishes of the room, which features a comfortable decor with furnishings of different shapes and size of a vaguely vintage character.

Prima Cafè is also designed as a place where private events can be organised and where people can stop and work between appointments. Focusing on the fluid identity that accompanies the premises’ metamorphoses, the interior design creates a hybrid environment where the function-aesthetics combination is overturned.

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