The project for the Red Valentino boutiques’ new Concept is part of a restricted design competition and originates from the idea of defining an environment identified by the brand’s own freshness and character.
Through examining the brand’s values and its target audience, a video was made which illustrates the Red Valentino woman’s values and provides an interpretation of her world, a world full of irony, energy, independence and connection to the present, without losing sight of dreams or femininity. These suggestions merge into the study of the concept, which analyses the furniture system, the materials, the space’s image, as well as the concept’s interpretation that could be applied to different types of boutiques (flagship, corner/shop-in-shop, small- and medium-size boutiques).
The suggestions and impressions translate into a strongly recognisable system in which, thanks to their characteristics (polished and opaque, soft and hard, light and dark), materials are juxtaposed and relate to each other.
The furniture system design as a flexible element is identified within the products’ display area. The flooring design imagines custom-made features, with a view to making it a brand-associated and therefore easily recognisable element.




Project: 2015


Professional service

Design team
Andrea Dalpasso (Project Leader)
Alexia Caccavella, Marinella Ferrari, Guido Gazzaniga, Irene Nocerino, Chiara Pretara
Fabio Calciati (Rendering)

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