Reinventing Cities
Park Associati is a finalist with all its proposals presented at the second edition of Reinventing Cities. We are happy to have the opportunity to play a part in rethinking the future life of urban communities with the aim of improving the quality of life, including that of our planet.

The international competition is promoted by C40 Cities which, under the banner of innovation, resilience, and sustainability, concerns almost 100 cities around the world. The challenge awaiting the selected teams is to revive the sites identified by the competition with a new approach by promoting a new model of urban development through a collaboration between investors, stakeholders, planners, and environmental experts.

Through the Reinventing Cities competition, the cities aim to reclaim and revitalise places that are little-used or even abandoned but that nevertheless represent potential hubs for future urban development. Their transformation into examples of sustainability and centers for a new kind of living represents the main purpose of the competition which, in the light of the current health emergency, takes on additional meanings. The on-going climate change and the threats of new pandemics push the search for new solutions and answers also in urban design.

Now in its second edition in Italy, the Reinventing Cities competition aims to propose interventions that combine cutting-edge environmental strategies, benefits for the community, and innovative architectural solutions worthy of note. The purpose is to create pilot projects that can be replicated in all the cities and other parts of the world.

Park Associati presented proposals for three of the seven Milanese sites and one of the five Roman sites. Having passed the final phase of the competition with all the presented projects will further strengthen our commitment and that of all our collaborators to work on the design at our best in the coming months.

Within a profoundly changing urban, economic and cultural landscape, Milan plays a leading role, as shown by the text and stance of the new General Town Planning, which aims to create a global, liveable, resilient, integrated, and attractive city by 2030, to match the best European and international examples. Out of the areas that were the object of the competition, Park took up the challenge of rethinking the development of those of Lambrate, Loreto and Bovisa.

For Nodo Bovisa, Park presented the Mo.Le.Co.La project, with the aim of experimenting new coexistence models through a balanced mix of functional typologies and new innovative proposals that pay particular attention to alternative mobility systems.

Scintilla, the proposal for the Lambrate district, aims instead to develop new housing models that integrate with the district and the surrounding areas through the creation of a large, very accessible park.

Circle Garden, the project focused on Piazzale Loreto, aims to return this symbolic place to the city by rethinking the square’s public space through a reconfiguration of its mobility and accessibility.

Limes is the title of the project conceived by Park Associati for the reconfiguration of Rome’s Tuscolana district. The decommissioning of the railway yard offers here the opportunity to create a project aimed at fitting into the dense city fabric highlighting its qualities and integrating new spaces and services for the whole neighborhood.


photo credits: Reinventing Cities

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