This converted loft, once an industrial warehouse and today the offices of the Rossetti Company Graphic Design company, is part of a more general redevelopment of the Richard-Ginori factory in the south of Milan.


Via Morimomondo 26, Milan

Rossetti Design

Project: 2006
Realization: 2006

450 sqm

Professional service
Architectural project
Site supervision

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Marco Neri (Project Leader)
Denise Houx

Leo Torri

The dimensions of the interior, with over 350 sq m of available floor space, brought to the decision to organize the layout of the offices over two floors, while leaving recognizable traces of the original section. On the ground floor a long wall with beech wood fittings, the characteristic element of the project, acts as a separating backdrop to the different spaces which can be connected up by opening the moveable floor-to-ceiling walls made from yellow-layered glass panels. 
This is accompanied by a continuous coloured concrete flooring and intense colours on the walls. Set aside is a cubicle in waxed iron used for photographic shoots. The airy staircase at the entrance connects the ground floor with the first floor, which is instead distinguished by an open-space layout. This environment is lit by large skylights in the roof. It is in visual communication with the lower floor but acoustically autonomous due to the designed glass walls around its perimeter.

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