The office building designed by Park Associati in Viale Sarca, Milan, is a contemporary insertion open to the profound urban and social changes of the Bicocca district.
Located north of the city, on the border with Sesto San Giovanni, for some decades the vast area has been morphing from industrial area to a district dedicated to the tertiary and residential sectors. The building stands on the route of the underground line, which is the main artery crossing the area from north to south along Viale Sarca.


Viale Sarca 336, Milan

Barings Italy

Project: 2020
Realization: on going

4.300 sqm

Energetic certification
LEED Gold – WELL Gold

Professional Service
Architectural project
Artistic site supervision

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Marco Panzeri (Project Leader)
Nicola Colella, Marinella Ferrari, Alberto Ficele, Elena Ghetti, Irene Ricciardi, Enrico Sterle.
Antonio Cavallo, Stefano Venegoni (Renderings)

General and Specific Project Management
SCE Project, Milan

Plant Engineering
Moving Srl, Como

Structure Engineering
SCE Project, Milan

Fire Consultancy
GAe Engineering S.r.l., Turin

Security Coordination
Architetto Stefano Lavagna, Milan

Leed Certification
Bee, Milano

Characterised by interventions that often retain the area’s distinctive industrial quality, the project emphasises the avenue’s perspective line, seamlessly integrating and connecting with the surrounding built area. On the ground floor and on the top floor the rectangular building features hollowed-out sections that make it permeable while balancing out both fronts of the building.

The façade’s design synthetises and interprets the surrounding buildings’ morphology. Thanks to the distribution of pilaster strips and belt courses in rosy orange fibre cement reminiscent of bricks, the front is characterised by a linear rhythm, both horizontally and vertically, balanced between full or double-floor glass openings and structural frame on the façade.

On the fourth and last floor, a terrace interrupts the floors’ regular sequence, opening the view towards the south and towards the city. In its narrowest part, the front of the building tilts into an elevation that, overlooking the city and the people flows from the underground, welcomes users and visitors to a large open perimeter.

Located in the porticoed space that connects the two long sides of the building, the hall is a large, bright glazed space surrounded by greenery. Thanks to its size and design, the hall can accommodate one or more reception areas and is an environment conceived to balance and give continuity to the outside of the building through the use of colour and materials that are poised between high-tech and post-industrial references.

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