The Sberbank Smart City Competition for a new major urban development in Moscow, was attended by leading international design groups. Park Associati took part of  the MADMA/MASA/Apex/Novaya/MIC/Mochalov Consortium,  joined by Max Dudler and Cobe Architects among others.


Moscow, Russia


Competition: 2018

79.000 sqm

Professional Service

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Davide Viganò (Project Leader)
Francesco Garofoli

The design intention of Park Associati’s project, a multi-functional building of 80.000 sqm has been to create a strong relation between the building and the urban context, implemented by smartness values.
The ground level is dedicated to office lobbies and retail. An indoor passage guarantees permeability between facilities and funcions.

The solid stone volume that sets up the multifunctional platform hosts common facilities and smart working areas.

On the rooftop oft he building green terraces are created as extensions of the wide sculptural winter garden in which are located congress facilities. The tower volumes reflect the efficient and flexible interiors. While the high tower relates to the main square, the low one builds an edge towards the highway.

This is highlighted by diamond shaped façades in contrast with the horizontal blades featured on the other fronts.

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