Sezioni, l’architettura italiana per la Divina Commedia, curated by Luca Molinari with the collaboration of Chiara Ingrosso, Spazio FMG per l’Architettura, December 14th 2017 – February 23rd 2018.

Preview of the exhibition that will take place at the Royal Palace of Caserta in 2018, it’s a choral show involving 70 authors of different generations of contemporary Italian architecture, called to visually interpret the literary imagery of Dante according to the theme of the “sections” of Hell , Purgatory and Paradise.

Sezioni- Reggia di Caserta

“With the exhibition “Sections”, we wanted to involve the protagonists of Italian architecture in an unusual challenge, which produced interesting and surprising results. Inviting authors of the highest quality, belonging to different generations, to redesign the sections of the Divina Commedia, we wanted to define an unpublished research space, well beyond the traditional boundaries of the project. We believe that this exhibition is a precious opportunity not only to reclaim the relevance of Dante in Italian culture, but above all to enrich the debate on architecture through a precious and profitable comparison with the other fields of knowledge “. Luca Molinari

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