Today you can work anywhere:  in the garden, at the bar, waiting for a train and while travelling on it, and in many other places we visit in our daily life. And those who are engaged in the most creative professions are often the ones who are able to take advantage of these new ‘nomadic’ work conditions. Yet, creative spaces – where one can gather and share ideas or communicate an intuition – are still fundamental. Over the years, Park Associati has been working on these projects of increasing overlapping functions,  with boundless enthusiasm, the expansion of their office in Milan this year being the most recent example.

Via Garofalo, our home

In 2013 Park Associati moved their office to via Garofalo by converting a large first-floor open space – a former telephone factory – that, alongside several similar overlooks a courtyard. In 2018 the office was further expanded by taking over part of the building’s ground floor that used to accommodate printworks. This project focused on the flexibility and transparency of spaces. Retaining the semi-industrial character of the original place, new spaces were created that would allow us to work, welcome visitors, meet, be alone, eat, cook and above all make things happen, turn outward and open up to the city.

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Stefano Arienti’s artist studio

The studio of the artist Stefano Arienti is located on the eastern outskirts of Milan, in a room that overlooks a typical Milanese courtyard that used to house handicraft enterprises. Park Associati’s project of internal refurbishment focussed on a minimal intervention aimed at creating a large bright environment that could accommodate both work tables and areas where the sculptural side of work could be carried out. The architect’s brief focussed on keeping the place as neutral as possible, ensuring a certain degree of environmental comfort, and creating the right lighting. This space was brought to life and given character by the materials, the tools, the shapes and the chaos that is inevitably created in an artist’s atelier.

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A space for graphics

In 2007, as part of a refurbishment of the former Richard-Ginori factory in the south of Milan, one of the lofts was the object of a complete renovation and functional amelioration aimed at accommodating the graphic design studio Rossetti Design. The need to create offices led to a complete transformation of space. Playing with materials and colours, Park Associati realized a two-storey environment was created where movable walls allow space to be extended and reduced. The lobby’s aerial staircase connects the ground floor to the first floor, which is characterized by an open-space environment lit by large skylights on the roof, and leads to a terrace in the roof of the building. A prototype of contemporary creative space.

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