Conceived as a pavilion with a high technological content, Telecom Italia’s stand for ITU 2003 grew out of the idea of reviving the traditional spectacular idea of the trade fair pavilion which since the first ninete­enth-century expositions has served to enrich the public imagination with extraordinary discoveries. 


Palexpo Geneva, Switzerland

Telecom Italia

Project: 2003
Realization: 2003

680 sqm

Exhibitor Magazine’s, 19th Annual Exhibit

Architectural project
Site supervision

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Claudio Brandao (Project Leader)
Beatrice Borasi, Denise Houx, Davide Pojaga
Fabio Calciati (Rendering)

Ing. Giorgio Piliego, Milan

Target Srl, Milan
Giochi di Luce, Cremona

Lighting Design
Metis Srl, Milano

General Contractor
Mostrefiere Spa, Torino

Andrea Martiradonna

It is a space where the impact of the exhibits and their interaction with the visitor are so involving that they almost override the description of the services themselves. Thus, the premeditated intention is to express the philosophy of the company through the use of modern styles and forms, and not exclusively through the display of its products.
A particular characteristic of the pavilion is that its ground floor can be entered from all sides which therefore enhances its strategic location at the heart of the Geneva fair. A series of spaces have been created on the ground floor that are essential for the running of the pavilion, while the offices and conference rooms have been concentrated on the upper floor. The use of red and black colours together with the back-projected multimedia installations on the curvilinear perimeter wall are the project’s recogni­zable elements.

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