“It’s not often that East-West collaborations are equal. Too often, one side dominates the other, or one is subservient to the other. However, in this intelligent, sensitive and extremely controlled exchange between a Milan-based team and a Japanese client, something new has emerged which is neither East nor West but a balanced, sensitive blend of both.”


Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano

SAYU Milano

Project: 2016 – 2017
Realization: 2016 – 2018

2.500 sqm

Architectural Project and Interior Design
Site Supervision
Artistic Supervision

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Andrea Dalpasso (Project Leader)
Alexia Caccavella, Alice Cuteri, Marinella Ferrari, Giacomo Geroldi, Andrea Manfredini, Mario Frusca (Rendering)


M&E Consultants
Tekser S.r.l., Milano

Lighting Designer
In-visible Lab (Silvia Perego)

Procedures for commercial authorizations
Prassi Coop R.L., Milano

Security Coordination
Architre Sas, Milano

Project and Procedures for Fire safety
Studio Zaccarelli S.r.l., Milano

General Contractor
Merotto Milani S.r.l., Dosson di Casier (TV)
Civil works: Edil Service di Defendi Giuseppe – Cortenuova (BG)
Electrical works: Daimel S.r.l.- Zero Branco (TV)
Mechanical works: Angelo Saran & C. s.n.c. Ponzano V.to (TV)
Structures Project: Eng. Nicola Bernardi

Custom Furniture (Design by Park Associati)
Merotto Milani S.r.l., Dosson di Casier (TV)

Chairs for restaurant and coworking
Duecori, Udine (UD)

Chairs and tables for courtyard, stools for bar
Infiniti, Moresco (TV)

Offices Furniture
Fantin, Bannia di Fiume Veneto (PN); chairs Sit-land S.p.A.; Nanto (VI)

Retail: Glip, Quinto di Treviso
Restaurant: Glip, Quinto di Treviso, Hem, Stockholm, Miniforms, Meolo (VE)
Coworking: Driade S.r.l., Milano, 3F Filippi S.p.A., Pian di Macina- Pianoro (BO), Glip, Quinto di Treviso

Kitchen devices
Alicontract Ali, Cernusco sul Naviglio MI

Taps: Grohe S.p.A., Milano
Washlets: Toto, Düsseldorf
Sinks: Globo S.p.A., Castel Sant’Elia (VT)

Ceramic Tiles for bar
Botteganove, Nove (VI)

Rattiflora Sas, Cesnate con Bernate (CO)

IT Project
Cogentis S.r.l., Milano

Andrea Martiradonna

The Plan Award, Honorable Mention in the category ‘Retail’

Archamarathon Awards, First prize in the category ‘Commercial Retail’

main entrance

The project involves the complete interior renovation in a former industrial building from 1931, previously a wallpaper laboratory.
The building is located in via Vigevano in Milan, on the border with the Navigli area, one of the more lively district in the city with a dense network of shops, laboratories but above all kinds of restaurants, bars and pubs which make this area one of the favorite destinations of the city nightlife. The building stands out in the urban context for the geometric language of its architecture, with rationalist references, connected with the once carried out activities.

On the one hand, the project respects the industrial soul of the place, keeping wide open spaces, shed roofs and exposed systems, on the other hand, the use of simple finishing materials and the articulation in thematic areas generates a succession of spaces that concretize the Tenoha brief, creating a new concept for Milan which brings together Japanese style catering and shopping.

The assignment of the project came from Tenoha, a Japanese company that deals with creating multi-service spaces for typical catering, for the trade of home accessories and foods of Japanese cuisine. The unit includes a space facing the street, that will be enhanced by large windows and intended for retail, and an interior space that will house a restaurant, a multipurpose area and a place for events.


The central courtyard will become the core around which the various functions will gravitate.

bar - restaurant

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