The project for the redevelopment of Cesare Ligini’s Eur towers in Rome, is part of a restricted design competition and falls under the principles of preservation and restoration of the existing structures. The project seeks to highlight the morphological and compositional characteristics of the old building ridding it of any incongruous and obtrusive additions made over the years as well as to emphasise the original building’s clean lines by highlighting each compositional element and, thus, its purity. 


Viale America – Viale Europa, Roma

Società Alfiere

Competition: 2015

81.800 sqm

Professional service

Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Lorenzo Merloni (Project Leader)
Alexia Caccavella, Antonio Cinquegrana, Marinella Ferrari, Alessandro Rossi, Marco Siciliano, Marco Vitalini, Fabio Calciati (Rendering)

Structures, Geotechnics, Fire Consultancy, Construction, Costs
Studio FM Ingegneria, Milan

Energy, Acustic, LCC-LCA
Steam, Padova

LEED Certification
Habitech Distretto Tecnologico Trentino, Rovereto (TN)

Habitech, Rovereto (TN)

Bioclimatic Architecture
Arch. Paolo Rava, Faenza (RA)

Specialist Consultant, Internal Advisor, Sustainability
Burohappold Engineering, Bath (UK)

Landscape Architecture
Arch. Marco Bay, Milan

Shaped as pure, iconic prisms of the utmost simplicity, the three tallest towers (B, C, C1) recapture their original configuration as parallelepipeds gently lowered into a trench, a deep basin that in our project accommodates a new element of particular significance for the operation and the implementation of bioclimatic systems: water. 

The façades of the three towers, meticulously designed and parametrised according to latest generation energy calculation models, are designed in such a way as to restore precision and efficiency to the whole structure: discontinuous vertical slats made of white clay produce a light vibration within a tidy, regular rhythm. 

The route that runs through the lot immediately highlights the new configuration, with uninterrupted views over the expanses of water at the foot of the three towers, the new garden at level -1 and the large central greenhouse, which represents the actual access to the Headquarters, as well as views over the recesses provided by the canteen’s green patios and some areas of the large distribution space at level -1 of the complex. The dense grove of tall holm oaks overlooking viale America does not in any way obstruct the horizontal pathways and, at the same time, provides shade to the south of the lot; together with the water which is present throughout at level -1 and the green system spreading profusely towards the building’s southern area, this activates natural convection cooling.

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