The object of the competition was the realisation of the Trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage Partnership Centre (TWWP), the authority for the protection of the Wadden Sea marine area​​, comprising the three countries bordering the sea: Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. 


Wilhelmshaven, Germania


Competition: 2017

6.000 sqm

Professional service


Design team
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Alessandro Rossi (Project Leader)
Viola Fabi, Marinella Ferrari, Fabrizio Pierce Chianese, Enrico Sterle
Fabio Calciati (Rendering)
Con Bauchplan

The competition area is part of a stretch of the city of Wilhelmshaven toward the coast. The competition involved the construction of a new building that was to become the headquarters of the authority and the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, with administrative offices, meeting rooms and reception areas for visitors. The surface area of the project included a bunker that the tender specifically requested to maintain.

Park Associati’s architectural concept stems from two main concepts: the relationship between open space and new construction, and between new construction and the pre-existing bunker. The aim is to minimise ground usage reserving the largest possible area for parkland, thus avoiding the visual barriers between urban fabric and open spaces as much as possible.

The compact architectural structure, comprising a very small covered surface that develops in height, stands out on the lake shore, emerging like a contemporary lighthouse.

 At the bunker’s roof level, the building shows a strong discontinuity, a cut, where a completely public terrace is developed, connecting it to the bunker’s roof, which is also public and accessible.

The connection can be accessed like a belvedere – partly open-air, partly covered by the building. On the first floor, this connection links the residential bunker and building. From this pathway (at a height of 12 metres) the view of the sea, the park and the city can be regained.

To reach the belvedere’s level, a scenic stairwell has been envisaged comprising two flights of stairs: one facing the sea, the other overlooking the foyer and the 200-seat conference room.

The floors for office use feature break areas overlooking the park, while greenhouses have been designed on the south-western side of each floor, which – as well as contributing to the building’s energy operation – provide work areas for autumn or spring, or meeting areas.

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