Milan is a city that rises. As Umberto Boccioni meant it in 1910, when he painted “La città che sale”, a Futurist tribute to the dynamism and frenzy of the city’s new urban and industrial expansion. The building in Boccioni’s painting, inspired by a power station still under construction and surrounded by scaffolding, stands above the kinetic movement of animals and men in the foreground.
Recently, Milan has been living a new architectural expansive phase and hosts all kinds of construction sites: from the new subway line to skyscrapers, through the interventions to requalify the peripheries. In 2019 relevant construction sites by Park Associati will make significant progresses.

A temporary wall for Pharo Business Center

The building site is a world apart. For those not involved in the work, its borders are infeasible. Yet it is an intrusive presence in the urban fabric, scaffoldings and wraps are visible everywhere, but a wall… The large wall of metal panels that hides the building site for the new construction of Pharo Business Centerin via Gattamelata is arising curiosity and a certain admiration for its minimal elegance, despite the size. The demolition stages of the pre-existing buildings ended in 2018. The new year began with the real construction work that will last two years.

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The hidden building site: Luxottica Litta

Being in Piazza Cadorna, no one is keen to believe that the block in front of the railway station hides a large construction site. In this central area of Milan, characterized by a number of historical “palazzi” of the Baroque era, a new building will be an element of balance and a contemporary expression of the brand that it represents. Park Associati’s extension of Luxottica Headquarters will harmonically coexist with the pre-existing building, the historical context and the adjacent Napoleonic garden. Milan is the city of the secret courtyards and gardens and the Luxottica project will take part to this tradition.

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A new iconic building at Bicocca

The Bicocca district, in the northern of Milan, is going to be enriched by a new iconic building: Sarca 223. Not far from the Engie Headquarters, the University pole and the Hangar Bicocca, Park Associati is working on the total retrofitting intervention of an office building of the 80’. Park Associati’s project totally rethinks both the internal life of the building and its external configuration. In addition to efficient and comfortable working areas, flexible solutions will enrich the common spaces on the ground floor and on the rooftop. The new architectural composition gives the building an iconic form, working with pure volumes, simple and elegant materials and lines. The building site is clearly visible from anyone who passes by, but the mystery remains.

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