Work in progress: Urban Cube, U1, Pharo

Construction sites were the first to resume work after the forced break of last spring. In Milan, the effort to start again in this sector too was great. Park Associati presents three Milanese construction sites, three office buildings with different characteristics, that represent the city’s attitude to continue on the path of renewal in the name of a sustainable and shared future of the workplace.

Urban Cube | Hard retrofitting in Milan Bicocca

The complete retrofitting project is transforming a 1988 building of approximately 15,000 square metres in the heart of the Bicocca Business District into Headquarters. The project involves remodelling the volumes and rebuilding the façade, as well as a complete redesign of interior spaces.
The building will be surrounded by green areas, divided among garden, rooftop and terraces on each floor. Completion: Q1 2021

U1 Building | A new construction to complete Milanofiori Nord district

With its fifteen floors above ground and 31,500 square metres of floor space, U1 will house the Headquarters of an important company and is one of the most striking buildings of the Milano Fiori area. Aligning its volumetric requirements with the provisions of the Masterplan, the building’s shape enriches the many existing architectural styles. Completion: Q4 2021

Pharo | Innovative and flexible workplaces in the city

After the demolition of the pre-existing buildings and the redevelopment, the construction site for the new Pharo Business Center is finally under way. The new 22,000-square metre complex is designed to house multi-tenant offices. The project is developed on a lot of great potential thanks to its strategic position in terms of both the access roads to and from the city centre and its proximity to the Citylife and Portello reference centres. The complex is divided into several volumes and is characterised by a 66.70-metre iconic element. Completion: Q1 2022

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