“Many Pixar employees have cottage-like offices instead of cubicles”. This is how Pixar described their employees’ new workspaces in the 90’s.

The idea of unconventional work spaces for employees – creative minds at the forefront of the impact that technology, communication and entertainment have been having on our lifestyle – was promoted by California’s major entertainment and web companies. This ‘friendlier’ vision of the work environment has become increasingly more widespread, especially in large companies looking for eclectic environments where people can relax, recharge, cook, develop fresh ideas.

Also thanks to new technologies, smart and co-working spaces have become a reality, not just within companies but in cafes, restaurants, museums, libraries, multi-purpose spaces, and outdoor.


Agorà is the name chosen by Mondadori’s employees for the new amenities space opened in Segrate, at the historic headquarters of the publishing house, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Park Associati’s project synthetizes a range of potential uses in 85 square metres, a multifunctional space for meetings with authors or books presentations, streaming events and cultural moments aimed at a limited audience.

Focusing on wall cladding and colours, the space is a simple, linear and welcoming environment with a hint of eccentricity: an almost life-size birch wood covers the sound-absorbing panels surrounding the room and the bright yellow of the flooring’s uniform surface echoes the colour of the trees’ undergrowth.

Agorà is a surprising and unexpected shelter in the middle of a forest.

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The complete interior renovation of a former industrial building in the Milanese Navigli area, a dense network of shops, laboratories but above all kinds of restaurants, bars and pubs which make this area one of the favorite destinations of the city nightlife. Park Associati designed the first European location of Tenoha, a Japanese company that deals with creating multi-service spaces for typical catering, for the trade of home accessories and foods of Japanese cuisine. The unit houses a store, a bar, a restaurant, a coworking area and a place for events, all gravitating around central garden.

#tenohamilano #interiordesign #japan


The amenities space “Green Hub” by Coima is located in in ​​the building called Diamantino, part of the new development of Porta Nuova in Milan. Lounge area, break area, kitchen area and/or possible support for catering, reading room, space for meetings and conventions, room for parties and presentations, equipped kitchen, are some of the activities offered by the 700 sqm space, for all offices employees in the building. Park Associati created custom-made furnishing, libraries and planters on wheels to make the basic configuration easily changeble and suitable for different activities, yoga and pilates classes included.

#greenhub #diamantino #portanuova

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