The new headquarters of Engie, a leading player of energy company, have been recently inaugurated in Milan at the presence of  the city Major, Giuseppe Sala. Park Associati’s project returns to the the urban fabric a contemporary architecture, congrous to the strategic development of the Bicocca area, one of the historic sites of Milanese industrialization, living currently an intensive regeneration.

The project recently won its first international architecture prize: the Global Architecture & Design Award.

The project proposes the hard retrofitting  of a poor architectural quality building from the ‘80s, outdated in terms of energy, distribution, and technology. Re-thinking the architecture from zero, more than implementing a typical restyling process, has favoured the re-proportion and re-shape of its massive volumes, in order to achieve a much lighter and articulated configuration.
Discover the construction site.

A relevant focus of the operation has been the improvement of the building’s energy performance, to achieve standards of excellence. Taking care of the most various aspects, Park Associati’ project led to a AA Energy Class building,  Leed Platinum certified (one of the six in Milan and the 26 on national level for new contructions) , which implies great savings on the tenant’s energy and water consumption.

“Park Associati intervenes on the building by dismantling the old facades and replacing them with an architectural partition, composed of two elements: a double-walled curtain wall and aluminum lamellar enclosures, gently protruding from the façade and forming together a true architectural order. A simple move but able to characterize the building while maintaining that laconicity and detachment to which the architects, as true Milanese, do not intend to renounce”
Read the article: Valerio Paolo Mosco, The Plan #109, October 2018

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